Interview with Bakha

It is said that great things are born only when we collaborate with and through others.

We will create innovative financial services through collaboration.

"We will create a faster, safer GOPAX."

Since its launch, GOPAX has demonstrated robust technical growth to improve user convenience.

We introduce Bakha from the Backend Team, who is working at the very center of constructing GOPAX services.

▶Hello! Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I am Bakha and I work at Streami’s Backend Team.

I was born in Mongolia but came to Korea in 2006 to get my master’s degree from KAIST. I worked as a developer at Samsung Electronics, Timon, and Rakuten and I am currently working at Streami’s’ Backend Team on matters such as GOPAX services and the DASK project.

▶What made you join Streami?

I learned about the blockchain industry through Bitcoin in 2016 and the more I studied, the more I thought that the potential of the industry was enormous. So while I was in Japan (Rakuten), I tried to learn blockchain technology after work, but it was not easy to concentrate.

I thought that the fastest way to study blockchain technology was to join a blockchain company and experience it firsthand. While searching various companies, I decided to join Streami because, among others, it had the best profile and engineer group among blockchain companies, a collaborative environment, and equipped with solid welfare.

▶What does the Backend Team do?

It is a team of backend engineers who develops services by keeping web services fast, safe, and reliable. Basically, Streami’s Backend team is working on, among others, blockchain node setup, coin listing, deposit and withdrawal, wallet creation, order matching, web service, and socket development.

For a functional and smooth web service, excellent code must be provided by utilizing various infrastructures such as database, cashing service, and container server, and all of these processes are being carried out by interacting with not only the Backend Team but also various other development teams such as the Frontend Team and the Mobile Team.

▶What is the team atmosphere like?

Since work is carried out project by project, the work to be done by each person is clearly divided through team meetings and as free communications are possible, projects are being run more efficiently and organically. Such an atmosphere is often a very big advantage for developers in carrying out projects.

Also, since all of the team members have excellent skills and have a lot to learn from, the atmosphere is such that we can grow through communicating with each other!

▶What is the atmosphere of Streami lab like?

My previous companies were large firms with a rigid atmosphere in which tasks were assigned vertically. Most of a project’s tasks were decided in advance and distributed to developers, so I could not present my opinion. Due to the complicated approval lines, it took a long time to complete a project and even after a project was completed, the part I was in charge of was only a very small part.

However, Streami has the advantage of being quick and efficient because it has a horizontal organizational culture and because you can communicate directly with all your colleagues. In addition, you can express all your opinions honestly when communicating and everyone’s opinions are valued regardless of experience. So, it seems that we create a great synergy when collaborating together.

Streami values the growth of its employees. As Streami supports an annual education fee of KRW 2,000,000, it is possible to educate yourself in not only your field of work but also in various others. Streami also provides you with work-related books. As such, Streami creates an environment for employees to continously improve in their field.

▶The most memorable thing while working.

GOPAX listed Terra and LUNA in July. Terra is a Stablecoin, a stable cryptocurrency pegged to many major currencies such as KRW and USD. The listing project work remains in my memory as very enjoyable and interesting.

My role in this project was to implement the Terra deposit system. Basically, a deposit system regularly scans blocks and if there is a transaction matching one of the addresses we have, the transaction needs to be retrieved and the user balance corresponding to the transaction needs to be updated. I reviewed the Terra white paper several times to understand the core concepts of the Terra foundation’s project and architecture and then successfully integrated the system into GOPAX. It was a lot of fun while the project was in progress and I was able to finish it successfully, which makes this project the most memorable among my recent ones.

▶What work do you want to try at Streami?

My biggest reason for joining Streami was to gain experience in blockchain technology. So I would like to continue building expertise in the field and run various projects at Streami.

Also, I am interested in the Trade Order Matching Engine. This field is a performance-orientated service and requires flexible problem-solving skills and analytical skills. I would like to study this field as well and work on related tasks.

▶A word to those who wish to join the Backend Team.

First of all, as the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry is a complex one, all of Streami lab’s developers are very passionate about learning. If you are not afraid of failing in anything and are one to pioneer new paths even when faced with failures, I think you will be able to blend in with Streami lab even better.

Anyone with outstanding problem-solving skills, who can utilize data structures and algorithms, is analytical, and has strong thinking abilities is always welcome to the Backend Team!

▶ How would you define Streami/GOPAX in one word?

"Innovation through collaboration"

The best thing about working at Streami is that the collaboration between team members is excellent. As we continue the journey together, I beleive that someday we will be able to achieve the financial innovation that we have always been pursuing.

▶Your outlook on the future of Bitcoin/blockchain.

There are various opinions on the outlook of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but very few people offer bright prospects.

Blockchain is a decentralized, democratic, and secure technology. When the cryptocurrency industry is incorporated into the formal system, I believe that a cross-border blockchain-based identity will emerge and that the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies will unleash its true value.

▶A word for GOPAX users.

GOPAX provides a fast and safe cryptocurrency exchange service and we will do our best to provide better and innovative services! Please continue to love GOPAX in the future!

It is said that great things are born only when we collaborate with and through others.

We will create innovative financial services through collaboration.